Expunging Arrests

Removing Non-Conviction Data in Washington State

For individuals with “non-conviction data,” the Washington State expungement process may be an option. This means removing information relating to an arrest from a law enforcement record. “Non-conviction data” means a situation where no adverse consequences were imposed. Examples include a charge dismissed by the prosecutor or court before trial, or a “not guilty” verdict following trial. It does not include deferred sentences where a guilty plea is entered but later removed.

You can remove non-conviction data by submitting an application to the Washington State Patrol, including fingerprints and a copy of the court record. You can’t do this immediately after the case is dismissed or you are found “not guilty.” You must wait two years from the date of dismissal without any new criminal arrests or convictions (or three years from the date of arrest if no charges were filed).  You also must not have a gross misdemeanor or felony conviction record from any other offense.  If the Washington State expungement request is granted, the State Patrol will remove all information related to the arrest.  This procedure does not remove or seal court records or Department of Licensing records.

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