DOL Consequences

If you were arrested for driving under the influence, one of the Washington DUI penalties is a DUI license suspension. The Washington State Department of Licensing can suspend your drivers license administratively after a DUI arrest, which means independently of any court proceedings. This means you could face a license suspension even if you are never charged with a criminal offense, or if the charge is reduced to a lesser offense – even if you are found not guilty after a trial.

DOL License Suspension

The DOL will take administrative action against you if you have been arrested for a DUI and either:
1) refuse to take the breath/blood test at the police station, or
2) take the test at the station and the result is at or above the legal limit for your age (.08 for those over 21 and .02 for anyone under 21).

The length of DUI license suspension will vary depending on whether or not you took the test and whether or not you had a previous administrative suspension within 7 years. A first administrative offense where the breath/blood test was taken (regardless of how high the result is so long as it’s at or above the legal limit), results in a 90-day license suspension.  A first administrative offense involving a refusal results in a one-year license revocation.  A second administrative action within 7 years results in a two-year license revocation.

Administrative Action


License Suspension

BAC > .08 or
Under 21 & BAC > .02

1st in 7 years

90 days

2+ in 7 years

2 years


1st in 7 years

1 year

2+ in 7 years

2 years


Any DUI license suspension (regardless of length) will also require the SR-22 high risk insurance (or other proof of financial responsibility) as a condition of reinstatement once the suspension is over, and will need to be maintained for three years following that date.

You can challenge this DUI license suspension and we encourage all of our clients to do so. More information about challenging the suspension can be found on our DOL Hearing Process page or from the DOL.

Ignition Interlock License

The good news is that if you receive a DUI license suspension, you can still drive with an ignition interlock license (IIL), if you are eligible. More information about the IIL and how you can apply can be found at our ignition interlock license page.

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