Feedback From Our Clients


“Couldn’t ask for more!!!”

Mr. Duarte represented me for my 2nd DUI case and when the final result came out, I could not stop smiling for the rest of the day. I could not believe the final outcome. It was far better outcome than I ever hoped for and anticipated.

Since the day of my 2nd DUI, it had been a long ordeal for me since I had to deal with all the stress of the court system for more than 18 months but Mr. Duarte stood strong by me every time and made me feel that I was being taken care and cared by him. My case took a lot longer than other cases but Mr. Duarte had been very patient and caring about the case.

Mr. Duarte is not only very knowledgeable and intelligent in his field but also very personable and caring about his clients. Mr. Duarte was recommended by my corporate lawyer and I still remember what my corporate lawyer said to me. She said, “Michael, Trust me. I just recommended the best lawyer there is. And you have to trust him. He will not disappoint you!”

Ever since the beginning of my case, I always had the trust in him and sure enough, he delivered the best outcome I could ever hope for. I couldn’t ask for more!!
Mr. Duarte, my family says “Thank You” and please know that you are very much appreciated by them. And I really appreciate you.

“Thank You, Mr. Duarte!” This comes from my heart!!!





“Highly Regarded in the Courtroom, Skilled and Experienced Lawyer… Genuine Person!!!”

About a year ago, I found myself in a situation that not only could have a significant impact on myself and my family, but also and even more so on my career (I am in the legal field). Facing a DUI charge is a scary position to be in, emotions become tumultuous and can often cloud sound judgment. I was referred to Francisco through a good mentor and friend of mine, and had actually referred Francisco by way of the same person recommending him myself once before, to a friend of mine. I cannot say enough about my experience with him. Not only did he achieve a fantastic outcome for my particular case, which had multiple charges and penalties in play, but most importantly he treated me with kindness, respect, understanding and a genuine, palpable compassion and empathy for me, my case and what I was facing. He without a doubt possesses the knowledge, skills and experience you really truly need in an attorney to get the best possible outcome that you can. Don’t be fooled into thinking that any attorney will do, that can be a big mistake. It was obvious in the courtroom that his presence was respected and admired as an attorney, by not only the local Judges (which is very important) and prosecuting attorneys (also very important) but also his peers. As a person, he is one that once you know, you won’t forget!
If you are looking for the best representation you can find in this kind of a situation, which can be a task in itself, hire Francisco Duarte and put your mind at ease!
Thank you Francisco and staff for making this all as painless as possible, and helping me put it and leave it in the past for good!

Grateful fan and woman from Snohomish County




“Completely satisfied.”

Francisco handled a unique driving violation I had where I was charged with both reckless driving and reckless endangerment. Although unusual, he asked for a modest retainer and began working on the case. I always felt I was in good hands. The pretrial went smoothly and I was completely briefed on the applicable law, consequences and choices. The result was both favorable and less expensive than anticipated. I have worked with a few personal attorneys and several corporate lawyers and I don’t think I have ever said those words regarding a case of any kind.

R. John



“Best DUI lawyer!”

Being arrested for a DUI was a very scary and new situation for me. I was lost with what I needed to do and completely afraid of how this would affect my healthcare profession. Luckily I had a friend who recommended Francisco as the “best DUI lawyer you could ask for”. During our first consultation (which was free), I was in tears from all the stress and anxiety the DUI was causing me. Francisco was very kind, understanding, non-judgmental, and most of all very informative. Before I even hired him, he gave me a detailed explanation of what to expect and gave me tips on what I needed to do to help my case. He gained my trust and my respect immediately. Even though money was tight, I felt that hiring him was my best chance at fighting the DUI. During the entire process he was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. It was such a relief to have him working on my case so diligently and knowing it was in such good hands. The outcome was a favorable one, with the DUI being reduced and having no suspension or interlock ignition. I was thrilled with the results and incredibly thankful I chose him as my lawyer. To anyone facing a DUI charge, Francisco IS the best lawyer to represent you!



“Professional, Trustworthy, Respected”

From my first meeting Francisco became a trusted advisor I felt and still believe he cared about me and my family. He never told me anything that he couldn’t or didn’t follow through with. He came to every hearing prepared and was respected. He was able to secure outcome in my case I never thought to be possible. He is a true professional when I needed one. Thank you Francisco



“Excellent Advocacy and Compassion”

Mr. Francisco Duarte is an excellent client advocate and goes “above and beyond” handling the case. At the same time I was addressing a DUI arrest, I was looking to make a major job transition/promotion to a Vice-President position. Francisco and his colleague, Ms. Diana Lundin, walked me through the process, communicated with human resources on my behalf and gave me the confidence to move forward with my job transition. The DOL hearing was successful and the outcome of the DUI arrest was very favorable. Francisco consistently told me not to worry about the case. I needed to continue on with my life during the legal process, which he appropriately estimated would take 9-12 months. Francisco is an excellent advocate and communicator. He is compassionate and truly cares about his clients. I would recommend Francisco to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney. Thank you, Francisco.




“Thank you Francisco for your excellent, proficient, defense of my cases!”

On June 2011 I was cited for DWI and needing an attorney I contacted a associate I knew and asked if he had knew of an attorney that he would recommend to handle a DWI. He referred me to Francisco. From our first meeting at his office I knew he was the right person! Mr. Duarte and his staff were very professional in all aspects of my case (cases). I was kept up to speed with all aspects of the paper work via letter, email and text messages. What made this case more difficult for Francisco was that while one case was pending, 6 months later I received a second DWI and driving while suspended in a different jurisdiction!! Well without me writing a novel as to the work that I alone created for Francisco I’ll just cut to the chase and say that after the first jury trial Francisco had the prosecutor and the witness for the state mumbling and I ended up with a Negligent driving conviction. Again Francisco and his team pulled together and in my second DWI/DW suspended I plead guilty to Reckless driving! Its only through Francisco, his team and the grace of God that I’m able to be actually driving legally, (18 months sober) and forever grateful for Francisco! Thank you Francisco for your diligence, advise, direction, grace, and humor! Have a GREAT Summer!




“He works MAGIC.”

I would definitely recommend Francisco as a lawyer because he is very trustworthy and does not only try his hardest to help your situation but also tries and gets to know you as a person which made me feel comfortable with him. i thought there was not any hope when it came to my situation but he reassured me overtime that i did not need to worry. He is an amazing lawyer and works magic in the courtroom anyone who needs a great lawyer should go to him because he will fight for what’s right for you.




“Extremely happy with my decision.”

One word…Amazing!!! There aren’t many people in this world like him…let alone attorneys! He came recommended to me by two friends of mine with DUI arrests. Forking over $$$ for an attorney is never an easy thing to do, and when I hired him I would say like many might be, I was reluctant. How did I know he was worth it or how did I know he was REALLY the right attorney for me? Well…with all of that said, I would not hesitate in slightest…not even a little… should I EVER find myself in need of a defense attorney again. And I believe I can confidently say that my parents (who witnessed Francisco do the voodoo that he do in trial) would not hesitate in least should the need ever arise for them. Thank You Francisco…Your hard work and care that went into me and my case is so much appreciated!!! I am still in shock and Awe with your talent in that courtroom…I am a very, very proud client!




“Best Outcome Possible”

My world was crashing in around me. I hold several professional licenses, My clients place their utmost confidence in me as I manage their $$ and financial lives. I had everything to lose. I couldn’t eat, sleep or think of anything else. A lawyer friend recommended Francisco Duarte, plus interviewed 4 others. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the outcome. Francisco from the very first meeting treated me with respect and dignity. He genuinely cared about me as human being; he understood what I had to lose…which to me was everything. In the angst ridden first weeks post-DUI charges, I sent a barage of emails trying to understand what was going to happen to me. He demonstrated patience and compassion, returning every call and every email. I was consistently informed of the status of the case. His paralegal, and entire office staff, was pleasantly helpful. I never felt “little” walking into his office. I will remain forever indebted to Francisco. The outcome Francisco achieved is nothing short of unbelievable. Every case is different, so I don’t want someone reading this to think an identical outcome could be achieved. I am writing to tell you, if you are reading this, you most likely have a big legal issue. Even one DUI can haunt you the rest of your life. My business, my professional credentials, my clients…everything was on the line in the case. Today its over. Now I can focus on my family and business. In retrospect, I do not believe I could have received this outcome with any other attorney. In my interviews, I could tell some were screamers and desk pounders, others just wanted to wrap it up quickly with a “plea” deal. Though we didn’t have to go to trial, Francisco was fully loaded to do so. He never promised anything that he couldn’t deliver on, he was honest with me about the merits and weaknesses of my case, thus not creating an aura of false hope. God willing I’ll never be in this position again, however if I were, or any of my clients or their children were charged DUI, there’s only one person I would call….Francisco Duarte. Yes-I am a real client.




“Highly Recommended”

Chances are you are like me. Always doing the right thing and being a responsible citizen. However, sometimes bad situations happen to good people. But you never really think it will happen to you. Being stopped for a DUI is no joke. It changes your life in a matter of seconds. Regardless of whether it’s circumstantial or not it’s still the one of the most humiliating and upsetting experience one can go through. Scared and upset beyond words with no clue what to do, a friend recommended Francisco Duarte. Said he was highly recommended and once I met with him I knew why. I was visibly and emotional upset walking into this office that day. Almost beyond consoling. The minute I sat down he had his full attention on me and my situation. He was so compassionate and kind. He listened. It made me feel a little more human again. His extensive knowledge, sound advice immediately put me at ease and solidified the fact that he was the right choice. He is the calm in the midst of the storm Francisco and his law firm are undeniably them most highly professional and effective team I have ever encountered.
I can’t thank him enough for helping me though the most difficult experience in my life.



“Francisco provides compassionate, effective and intelligent representation.”

If you are like me, your arrest is a devastating, humiliating and frightening experience. Francisco was recommended by a friend who also used his firm in a DUI defense. His demeanor with me was beyond compassionate. Francisco is clearly talented and effective, which is the number one reason to choose an attorney: to get the best possible outcome. For me, I also needed to know that my mistake did not define me, nor did it make me a horrible person. Francisco was able to help me work through the self-condemnation that I was subjective myself to, while representing me. He is non-judgemental, very professional and able to become very aggressive when necessary to give you the best possible defense. I can never thank him enough for defending me well, and treating me even better.




“I would Highly recommend Mr. Duarte.”

Often, you don’t find compassion and attorney in the same sentence. This isn’t the case with Francisco. We hired Mr. Duarte to represent us in a highly emotional and painful dispute. We found his level of expertise and competence to be very high. With very little time to prepare, his execution was excellent and successful. While being gentle, he was able to get right to the point and successfully question the opposition.



“Outstanding Lawyer”

Francisco Duarte represented me in a criminal case that has now successfully closed. Throughout my interaction with him he was confident, calm, approachable, diligent, collaborative and handled the case with great professionalism. He always made time to answer all my questions and kept me informed each step of the way. He was able to get the best possible outcome in my case, where the case was dismissed, and I could not be more thankful. One of the best decisions I ever made was hiring Francisco Duarte to represent me and now I am able to finally move on with my life with peace of mind. I strongly recommend Francisco Duarte to anyone, anytime.



“A True Professional”

I do not have enough positive things to say about Francisco Duarte…not only was he truly professional and respected by his peers, he was a supportive and understanding figure of my situation. In the midst of my assault charge, he was able to obtain the fair and positive results that were due to me in my case. I would recommend his legal services to anyone at any time, knowing that they would be just as satisfied with his expertise as I was.




“Great DUI lawyer”

Francisco Duarte and his law office recently represented me in a DUI case. Mr. Duarte was very responsive and returned my initial call right away. He was very understanding of my situation and clearly and concisely walked me through the impacts of my legal situation. He was very thorough in his representation of my case, offering advice, which was very proactive. His expertise and conduct led to a satisfactory and speedy legal outcome for me, which I was grateful for. His staff was very professional, efficient, and responsive.



“Passionate Defender”

A few years ago, I was accused of a crime I did not commit. There was an incident on Capitol Hill; I had friends with me, and they all agreed that I was not involved in a crime. However, the police disagreed, and charges were filed against me. For a few months, I had an attorney who did absolutely nothing to help me out. Then I switched to Francisco Duarte, and things began to change. Not only did he interview my friends (something my prior attorney never did), but he tracked down a complete stranger, who had happened to be on Capitol Hill the night of the incident and witnessed everything. This stranger confirmed that I was not involved in a crime. Long story short–Mr. Duarte’s efforts got my charge dismissed. No trial, no “guilty plea.” My case went away because of his efforts.

I highly recommend Mr. Duarte to anyone in need of a defense attorney. I know he specializes in DUI work, but I confidently recommend him for any criminal defense work.



“Excellent, Excellent DUI Lawyer”

Francisco came highly recommended and absolutely lived up to his recommendation. Francisco not only cared about my case, he actually cared about me, and this came through in how he handled the whole situation. He was always available to me, even giving me his cell phone number, answering even the stupidest questions with patience at all times (even working with me on a Saturday once in advance of a Monday trial date).
Most of all, he actually cared about winning the best outcome for me. Many DUI lawyers are interested in volume, not results. In the end, Francisco got me the best possible outcome I could have hoped for, even when the odds looked stack against us. I can tell you with 100% certainty, if you choose Francisco, you will be gaining a friend, an ally, and someone who wants the best outcome for your case, and takes that as personally as you do!




“Caring Excellent Legal Work”

Francisco was able to look at the case with a very open mind and gave clear, sound legal advice. He is well known in the legal community and therefore was treated with respect by his colleagues and the judge. He also gave me the impression that I was not just another case for him, but was important as a person who had a temporary lapse in good judgment. I do not expect I will need his legal advice again, but if a similar matter came up with anyone in my world, I would highly recommend him.




“Excellent Representation”

Mr. Duarte did an excellent job at representing my daughter in her assault case. He is very knowledgeable of the law and was very responsive in answering all of our questions and explaining areas of the law, which we did not understand. His manner was always very professional and friendly.