Wrongful Death

Suddenly losing a loved one to a wrongful death accident or mishap can knock your entire life out of focus. When someone dies and there are no answers, you can feel helpless and hopeless. Depending on how the death occurred you can be badgered by insurance companies or their lawyers making unreasonable demands. As the victim of a wrongful death accident, you have the right to seek damages against those individuals or companies that are responsible for the accident.

Fury Duarte is a Seattle law firm that focuses on personal injury and wrongful death law. Thousands of Americans die every year as the result of an accident based on negligence, ignorance, faulty products or one of thousands of possibilities. The only way to ensure this number decreases is to force corporations and individuals guilty of these accidents to be held accountable for their negligence(s). This is where a wrongful death attorney such as Steven Fury or Francisco Duarte becomes so important.

Wrongful death claims can become extremely burdensome for the parties involved. Fury Duarte treats each client with the care and concern they deserve. Unexpected deaths are never easy to handle and because of this you will need an experienced team of personal injury attorneys to help you seek justice and the damages you are owed. Fury Duarte will aggressively pursue your claim and shield from invasive insurance companies.

Because of the personal nature of wrongful death and personal injury cases, it is important that you find an attorney that you feel comfortable with and trust. Fury Duarte has been representing wrongful death cases in the Seattle area over the past two decades. Their experience, expertise and qualifications are unquestionable. If you have a wrongful death suit you wish to pursue, please contact Fury Duarte.