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Product Liability

A product seller may be required to compensate a consumer for any injuries the seller’s product causes the consumer to suffer. However, countless complex variables and legal exceptions will impact a consumer’s potential product liability claim. For example, the type of responsibility that a seller may face will depend on whether it is a product manufacturer, another non-manufacturer seller in the product’s distribution chain, or if it is an entity that is legally excluded from one of those categories. A seller may claim its geographical location or the geographical location of the sale or injury requires use of federal law or a different state’s law. The type of product involved may also dictate that federal law apply to the exclusion of Washington law.

We are experienced in these types of cases and are prepared to expertly handle all these issues, as well as the limitless others that may arise during your product liability case. And, while we have provided some basic information as to Washington State law below, the complexity these cases involve makes it extremely important to contact an experienced product liable attorney to discuss your potential case early in the process.