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DUI charges filed after car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Police in Washington are in the process of investigating a two-vehicle crash that left two people injured. This event occurred in mid-October in the Lynnwood area. The driver believed responsible for the collision has seen been charged with driving under the influence.  

What happened? 

According to reports, two automobiles collided at the intersection of 188th Street and 36th Avenue. A 21-year-old male is said to have run a red light, hitting a vehicle driven by a 52-year-old male. The force of the impact caused one of the cars to leave the road and flip over. Both drivers were injured and transported to an area hospital for treatment. Both are expected to survive. 

The charges 

As the driver believed responsible is thought to have been impaired when the accident occurred, he has been charged with DUI. He has also been charged with vehicular assault and reckless driving. It is unclear if he is being held in police custody or has been released at this point. It is also unclear if any court dates have been set in his case.  


Defending oneself against DUI charges can prove challenging. This is not a crime the state of Washington treats lightly. Thankfully, this young gentleman has the right to have legal counsel help him with his defense. An experienced criminal law attorney can investigate this matter, question any evidence offered against the accused and help him fight for case dismissal or at least a reduction in charges and penalties. With the right person in his corner, he can achieve the best outcome possible.  

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