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Busted for E-DUI?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2021 | Criminal Defense

The state of Washington has some pretty strict laws regarding the use of handheld electronic devices while driving. Anyone busted for driving under the influence of electronics may face hefty fines, especially if it happens more than once. More severe consequences are possible if one causes an accident due to this behavior. Over the next couple of weeks, law enforcement officers will be out in force handing out E-DUI tickets to drive home the point that using electronic devices while driving is unsafe and against the law.

High Visibility Enforcement patrols

According to reports, law enforcement agencies across Kings County will be engaging in High Visibility Enforcement patrols now until Aug. 7, to spot drivers violating the state’s E-DUI law. This law has been in place for four years now. It prohibits the use of these devices at all times when behind the wheel of a car unless a one-touch feature is enabled.

What are the potential consequences if charged with E-DUI?

As it currently stands, the first time a person receives an E-DUI, assuming no accident occurred and no one was injured, the penalty is a fine of $136. Subsequent offenses increase the fine. If an accident, with or without injury occurred, one may also be looking at jail time and a variety of other consequences.

Criminal defense

Sometimes with an E-DUI, paying the ticket and letting it go is the best thing a person can do. In some cases, however, fighting the ticket or any other associated charges and penalties is in ones best interests. An experienced defense attorney can assist Washington residents who find themselves charged with E-DUI address both the criminal and administrative consequences of the crime to help them achieve the best possible outcome.

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