Tonya R. Arico

Tonya has worked at Fury Duarte and its predecessor for 19 years as a paralegal. Her favorite aspect of working at Fury Duarte is its family atmosphere.

Tonya points out, “Everyone at Fury Duarte truly cares about one another. I get to work with people I trust and respect, who fight for the rights of our clients. Plus, Steve brings us treats when he has an appointment out of the office:-)

Tonya shares an office with the firm’s office manager, Stefanie Lindgren. Because they both enjoy a good laugh, Tonya admits that occasionally others shut their doors when the laughter gets a bit loud. “Stefanie and I keep each other grounded; and we make sure that everyone has fun at work.”

A Seattle native, Tonya earned a Bachelors of Arts from Central Washington University in Law & Justice. She is happily married with two children. She enjoys planning family dinners and holidays, spending time with family and friends, road trips and listening to music. But, you are most likely to find her chauffeuring her teenagers around town to all of their extra-curricular activities in her off time.


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